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Beasties and Bygones Update: New Art & Classes!

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Greetings, blog-readers! We have a huge Beasties and Bygones update!

We know it's been a looong time since our last update, but hot damn do we have some exciting news to tell! Something amazing and out of the blue has happened! About a year ago, an experienced publisher that shared our comedic mentality came forth. They offered to join forces with us with the combined goal of making B&B even bigger and better than it would have been on our own! We're sorry that it's been so long since our last update. Like the Dwarves, we delved too deep into our designing and writing, but now that we've resurfaced from our demented dungeons, we'll be communicating with you more frequently as we get closer and closer to our release date!... which is, as of currently, TBD.  

The new front cover on a mock up of the hardcover corebook.

The publisher we partnered with is Caffeine & Ink, and for the past year we have been working tremendously hard together. During the weekly grind of game development, they've assisted us in many ways, including but not limited to; workflow advice, artistic direction, a professional editor's feedback, as well as some original and creative ideas, all of which are pushing us to a new level.  

And one of the aspects of that new level, is FULL COLOR!

Like we always wanted, the book will be in full glorious color, and we're taking full advantage of that with all new interior art throughout. Of course, we've retained our talented cover artist Eli Ziv who is on-board to create brand new pieces. We're also adding some more great artists to further enhance the portrayal of our world in its infinite diversity.

And one of the aspects of that infinite diversity, is NEW CHARACTER CLASSES!

In this Beasties and Bygones update, we're pleased to introduce two new classes/playbooks: the Totem Pole Dancer and the Mixed Methril Artist. The Dancer can focus on either ranged or melee combat, has a pack of party animal friends, and can commune with their spirit animal pals. The MMA cooks potent cocktails using a base of the magical catalyst crystal methril, which amplifies the benefits of the other various performance enhancing drug ingredients, you know, like steroids, cocaine, and spinach. They are constantly chasing the excellence of optimum performance through in-taking the perfect balance of substances while trying mitigate any of their side effects, you know, like roid rage, sleeplessness, or ummm gastrointestinal problems I guess?

And one of the aspects of those gastrointestinal problems, apparently comes from COMPLETING AN AWESOME RAUNCHY PARODY ROLEPLAYING GAME BOOK!

And just as a reminder, the old Premature Beta PDF, and any physical copies of it, that you've already received were just a thank you gift for your patience. Backers will be receiving the final version of Beasties & Bygones in whatever form(s) you pledged for.

Working with a publisher has given us many productive benefits, some of which you just read about. However, this also means that the release schedule of our upcoming supplemental books is going to be longer than we originally intended. We, along with our publisher, are committed to ensuring that these supplements will be worth the wait, giving each of these expansions the same additional quality-raising attention that the corebook is receiving now. We won't be determining a new product release schedule until the corebook is almost done.

And the last benefit we'll discuss here, is that because of our deal with the publisher, now we have full distribution so there's a really good chance that the B&B product line will be in a local game store near you!

Wait, one more Beasties and Bygones update... we forget to mention Eli created new front AND back cover art based on his original Premature Beta cover? The final text will will probably differ. Below is a preview of the front AND back cover.

Here is a preview of the back and front cover. The final text will will probably differ.

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Thanks again for your support and patience! We look forward to keeping you in the loop through this exciting process!

- Beasties & Bygones design and development team

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