2019 Gen Con Indy Event Schedule and E-ticketing Announcement!

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The Gamers of Comedy are headed to Gen Con 2019 to provide laughs, good times, and Beasties and Bygones RPG fun.

Here is this year's event schedule:

Get your tickets while supplies last.

Thursday Event Times and Links

Friday Event Times and Links

Saturday Event Times and Links

Get your tickets while supplies last.

We are proud to announce that all of our Gen Con 2019 events will be electronically ticketed.

If you need an e-ticket, no problem. We can scan your badge and sell or give you one on the spot, depending on whether it's a paid or free event.

We will scan your badge and if you already purchased an e-ticket, that's it. You are ready to partake in the event.

Don't have a ticket at the door? No problem, we can issue a new e-ticket for you, on the spot...No more customer service lines!

Go to Gencon.com & search for "Gamers of Comedy" to reserve an e-ticket to one of our:

Standup Comedy Shows, Workshops, Seminars, Film Screenings, and Beasties & Bygones RPG Games.

See You at Gen Con Indy!,

The Gamers of Comedy!

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